The yearly ETO show is finally upon us! Hosted in Birmingham UK, it is a great opportunity for businesses, wholesalers, manufacturers and sex bloggers to get together, forge working relationships, make money and improve their business. This is usually followed by an award show for businesses, companies and people that have excelled in the industry and deserve recognition.

This year we at SelecteProducts got the chance to attend! We couldn’t be any happier! We got our outfits picked, special T-shirts printed up and hair and nails done. Hotels were expensive, but camping sites not, and the boss just so happened to have a caravan laying around- perfect hey?

The weekend started with a long car trip to Birmingham on saturday 22nd of june, all of us nervous an excited, not knowing what to expect. We eventually made it to coventry, where our campsite was, checked ourselves in and made up the caravan before heading out to a local supermarket for supplies. Indian takeaway and beer was on the cards, and we enjoyed a hot meal outside, as the evening descended peacefully upon us. We took the opportunity of a free evening to modify our t-shirts ready for the show.

We did have T-shirts printed in our pink colour, the AdultoysUK lips logo printed right across the front, and on the back shoulder. Our website QR code was also printed, and we received plenty of compliments, and plenty of scans too. Unfortunately a slight ‘mix up’ at the printers meant that Julian, the company Director had to wear a white T-shirt, but not to the detriment of the concept.

AdultoysUK T-shirts

AdultoysUK T-shirts

The day of the ETO show, sunday 23rd of june, we woke up, grabbed a hot shower then got ourselves ready. Hair, make up, clothing, shoes and business cards! A quick dash to a local supermarket was required for breakfast in a hurry, then we parked up at Birminghams NEC and entered the pavilion where the show was being held. Our passes were printed off, we were given ETO bags and then entered the maze of amazing stalls and stands advertising their wares.

ETO show Pass

ETO show Pass

Our main aim was to build relations with wholesalers, manufacturers and bloggers, source new products and also enquire about white labelling and own branding products. We saw several fetish wholesalers- with an aim to create a niche in the industry as a big fetish distributor, it was worth networking, sampling and sourcing products and putting ourselves out there as a potential customer to the big wholesalers and the smaller manufacturers such as Kinky Monkey and Black and Blue.

We managed to secure a meeting with a famous sex blogger Cara Sutra in the hope that she may help open our shop and also do some work with us for the blog and the website, and had a wonderfully productive chat with her and with Digital Harlot- who does photography in the sex industry.

Business Cards From ETO Show

Business Cards From ETO Show

Our new found working relationships include E-stim who manufacture Electrical Stimulation Goods, Pasante (the ENORMOUS condom brand!)and Creative Conceptions among wholesalers that we are already very familiar with such as ABS holdings, Net 1on1 and RocksOff.

The award ceremony was after the show and the after party proved a massive success for networking: Julian had a fantastic conversation with a Lady from Nice ‘N’ Naughty and the content girls had a meet up with Emma from Emma Shoes.

All in all, the weekend was an absolute goldmine of information, communication and new experiences, and saw us well on the way to opening our shop, updating our website and making a big name for ourselves in the industry!

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It is now nearly July and the marvelous AdultoysUK shop is almost ready to open. Affectionately nicknamed Erotique Boutique, the beautiful pink and black insides, stunning displays, gorgeous lingerie and luxury sex toys are on display, ready to be admired.  The finishing touches are now being added- price tags, display posters, counter top displays and the advertisement of the shop is well underway. We even have some very special guests lined up for our official opening…

Stocking the shop has been a gargantuan task for our staff members; Trying to get the right balance between stocking as many different product types but not overstocking the shop is difficult and at times impossible. Displaying products in the best light isn’t always easy either, especially with some product packaging being too plain or too dirty! We have countered this by removing some of the better looking products from its packaging and either displaying it in a stunning glass cabinet or hanging it up with similar products.  The display banner signs have been made, with as much gorgeous branding as we can squeeze in, and witty puns to describe the products for sale. If ‘Slippery when Wet’ doesn’t accurately portray a lubricant display, then we have a new hazard sign for the warehouse floor!

The television advert display is set into the wall and has a stunning black antique frame surrounding it, perfectly blending in with the slightly ‘olden-time’ feel of the shop as well as accentuating that fashionable Moulin Rouge look.

As shown in the above photographs, the cabinet contains the very luxurious products for sale including the fantastic Fifty Shades Of Grey sex toy and essentials range and the cream of the Swan range of Rabbit Vibrators. The shop is very female and male orientated, and our displays aim to show that, with a large section of the shop designed just for men. The shop is laid out as follows: immediately inside the doorway there are two walls of lingerie and a cabinet with designer and luxury items. Next on the left wall is a section for women’s sex toys  which is followed  by mens sex toys. The corner is occupied by fetish products and then the last part of the wall displays rabbit vibrators, couples sex toys and anal sex toys.   Behind the counter is a display area for great products, more luxury brands such as Jimmy Jane and Lelo and a small section for condoms, pills and poppers. We are also storing the carrier bags and batteries in this area behind the counter. On the outside of the counter is a small selection of books, massage oils and sex toy cleaners. Lastly is the lubricant section and Waterglide lubricant display stand. The middle of the shop holds more fetish products and lots of hot fetish clothing as well as a Rocks Off Sex toys stand. All in all, a very full shop!

Author: + 10 months ago

The slat wall and grid wall is up now in the AdultoysUK shop and we have all the relevant hooks to start putting up products. There is very sleek, black flocked wallpaper behind the counter and behind the fetish section, giving the look of a boutique and thankfully not the sleazy ‘sexshop’ look we were trying to avoid. Although the staff are working tirelessly to fill the shop, there is other work to juggle and so stocking the shop is taking longer than originally thought however this does mean that loose ends can be tied up by the carpenter, Ron. We are looking forward to the grand opening, although we do need a celebrity figure to help (who could we possibly get?) and lots of champagne to celebrate with.

Opening the shop has led to a lot more relationships being built with new wholesalers- we have been buying erotic books, fetish clothing, not to mention packaging and shop supplies! Hopefully these new relationships will prove useful for stocking our website too, especially with the huge rise in erotic book sales and fetish over the past year (thanks Fifty Shades!) Our main concern has been getting as much products into the shop as we can and keeping it look nice and sparkling fresh. The stunning french antique theme means that the oak slat wall, pink flooring and black flock wall makes the shop a great environment to work in and the mirror in the changing room perfectly matches the skirting boards. Luckily the boss (Julian) is a dab hand at interior design and our average shop has been turned into a sexy wonderland with a colour scheme that perfectly compliments the website . The outdoor signs for the roundabout near the industrial estate our shop is based on have been designed and sent off, a perfect way to bring traffic (literally) to the shop.


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We have been very much impressed by David’s ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the international development of our company.



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